About Deep Coverage


Founded in November of 2010, Deep Coverage. is a multi-faceted new media entertainment company dedicated to producing the most in-depth and highest quality content, covering every aspect of the football athlete’s world.  Deep Coverage creates and produces compelling content for users of web, print, video and social media sources.  This allows Deep Coverage the ability to provide a comprehensive range of viewership alternatives to a broad and diverse audience.  Deep Coverage is also the only company solely dedicated to promoting each athlete, not only as a football player, but also as a brand.  Held to the highest standard for football content, Deep Coverage® is Completely Gridiron, Anything, Everything, Football!

Mission Statement

Deep Coverage®. is dedicated to creating and producing high quality and exclusive football content.  Our main focus is to show our readers that football is a lifestyle.  We will cover every aspect of a player’s life and the overall environment in which the sport of football is bred.  We promise to take our viewers on and off the field with exciting and inspiring content that capture the true essence of the football culture.  We strive to provide a view that is different from the one constantly portrayed by mainstream media.

Our approach is to appeal to an intensely wide audience which ranges from the rabid football fan, to the casual celebrity watcher, down to the player’s themselves, and those who support their brands.  Our goal is to expose the world to the diversity of each football player’s lifestyle.  This includes the exciting social network which the athletes are a part of, as well as the place where each athlete hones their skills, or the place where they give back to community through nonprofit efforts.  We place a sincere emphasis on capturing the players not only as athletes, but as Men and Women—Responsible. Multi-talented. Inspiring men and women.

So as the athletes open their doors to us and our consumers, they also open the door to become more prominent and recognizable figures, no longer hidden beneath the helmet.  We provide players with an opportunity to cultivate and strengthen their brand.  Deep Coverage INC. will be the standard-bearer for this market as experts in being “Completely Gridiron”, Anything, Everything, Football!