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Eric Bunn

Eric Bunn is a content contributor and blogger for Deep Coverage. He created the feature page, Sideline Sizzle, realizing that everyone can appreciate the finer side of football and with the hope to eventually help cheerleaders across the football world get exposure to their fans. He has held a love for football since he was born and tries to incorporate it into his life any way possible, from weekend flag football to earning a part on Michael Irvin’s show, 4th and Long. He is often ridiculed for his love of his favorite sports team, America’s own Dallas Cowboys. He and D.C. founder, Givenchy Martin, once teamed up in college as part of the backfield for University of Pennsylvania Quakers.

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Givenchy Martin

Givenchy Martin, founder of Deep Coverage, INC., is a former college football player and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

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I’m a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan which contrary to popular belief doesn’t mean I fight people in the Linc parking lot or stadium. I’m usually in four to five fantasy leagues to help take my mind of my Birds which are the “gold standard” of the NFL according to the front office.

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